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Headshots button. This Brian Charles Steel photo is a headshot of a white woman with blonde hair.  She is wearing glasses, a light blue green sweater and a black blouse with white polka dots.  She is centered in the frame, and the background is completely white.  The woman is lit with a Rembrandt style of lighting.
Portraits button. This is a Brian Charles Steel photograph of Kyle and Nikki.  Nikki is behind Kyle with her arms around him while hanging over his shoulders with her face beside his. They are both smiling, and looking into the camera.  She has long brown hair, and he has short curly hair.  They are towards the right side of the frame, and are seen from the chest up.  The background is solid black.
photo restoration button. This an example of a photograph restored by Brian Charles Steel Photography.  It is an old group portrait of six people.  There are four women and two men.  In the front, is one woman wearing a white blouse and dark skirt.  She has her hair up, and her hands are folded neatly in her lap.  Standing behind her on the left side, is a woman in a light colored dress.  Her hands are down by her sides.  The top front of her dress has buttons.  Behind her to the right is a man in a suit and tie.  Next to him on his right, is a woman in a dark dress with a white collar.  To her right is a man in a suit and tie.  In front of him, is a woman in a dress with a hat.
Food button. This is a Brian Charles Steel photograph of fruit.  Fruit fills the frame entirely.  The front is composed of blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries.  Behind the blueberries is a banana at a slight angle.  In front of the banana on the right side is a lime.  Behind the lime is a peach.  Behind the banana on the left are grapes and a strawberry.  Behind the grapes are a lemon and a peach.  Behind the peach are a green apple, a red apple and an orange.  The fruit has small drops of condensation and all of the fruit is in focus.
Impaired Perceptions button. This is a black and white photographic portrait of photographer Brian Charles Steel.  Steel has congenital fiber type disproportion, which causes him to be thin and small framed.  Steel is positioned on the right side of the frame and he fills it from top to bottom on that side.  You see him from just above the knees and up.  He is wearing a long sleeved dress shirt with dress slacks.  His arms are at his side and he is looking straight into the camera.  He is lit in a Rembrandt style with the main light source coming from the left.
Landscapes button. This Brian Charles Steel photo depicts a landscape of a lake in Cleveland, Tennessee during the fall.  The water of the lake is completely smooth.  The bottom third of the frame is filled with dark blue water.  The water is blue because of the reflection of the sky.  The middle portion of the frame is filled with smooth water that has a mixture of colors including: orange, brown, and blue.  The colors come from reflections of the land, trees, and sky.  The trees line the lake, and are filled with orange leaves.  Shadows from the trees stretch across the land.  Behind the trees is a mixture of dirt, green grass, and leaves.  Above the trees is the blue sky.
About button. This Brian Charles Steel photo is a self-portrait of the artist in a dining room. He is standing in front of the wooden dining room table with his hands in his pockets.  The table has a vase of flowers on top of it. Above the table is a chandelier.  He is lit dramatically; both side so him are well lit, but his front is in shadow.  He is wearing black dress pants, pink dress shirt, a pink tie, and an In And Out cap.  His hair is short and brown. On the wall behind him on the right there is an ocean painting and a wooden high chair.