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In this stunning collection of black and white portraits, photographer Brian Charles Steel does more than capture the outward appearance of his subjects. His portraits emphasize the common bonds we all share as humans.

Impaired Perceptions: Portraits of Humanity compels us to suspend our judgments before getting to know someone. It also challenges us to accept our differences and the differences of others by reminding us that we are all different, and in that way we are all the same. The portraits, quotes, and interviews fill us with the hope and drive that is the human spirit.

Steel, a photographer, who was born with congenital fiber type disproportion, created Impaired Perceptions to challenge misperceptions that are had of people with physical impairments. Steel has a B.A. in communication and a M.F.A. in photography, and uses his skills and experience in both disciplines to create a body of work that compels us to individualize. When Impaired Perceptions was featured on, in his interview, Steel said “The overall message is that you cannot tell what a person is capable of or what their life is like simply by looking at them.”

“In his photo project "Impaired Perceptions," Brian Steel fights ableism, a form of discrimination or prejudice against people with disabilities.” - Jacque Wilson Writer/producer